Tariffs and Note


The NZa (Dutch Health Authority) annually sets the national rates for dental care. This means that every dentist applies the same rates for the treatment carried out. We advise you to consult your insurer to find out what will be reimbursed for this treatment. Zorgsom. With this software program we are able to see what is reimbursed and what is left of your insurance money. Please note that it is an extra service, no rights can be derived.

Rates of dental care

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Not insured?

If you are not insured, you can also come to us. We do ask you to pay immediately after the treatment, by pin or if you please in cash. Please do note that we might not have enough change. This is also possible if you have to declare the care costs elsewhere.

Cooperation with Anders Medical Factoring

In our practice, we like to give you all the attention and good care you need. Moreover, in the current times we cannot ignore the fact that extra measures have to be taken due to the DGA law and privacy legislation. Therefore we have outsourced the sending and collecting of our bills to Anders Medical Factoring. Anders Medical Factoring is a professional and reliable company specialised in factoring for the medical sector. This means that they collect and send invoices on our behalf. The invoice that they receive through us is directly submitted to your health insurer. You will therefore only receive an invoice from them if your health insurer does not (fully) reimburse the costs of your treatment. MijnAndersnota.nl prefers to send invoices by e-mail. This is better for the environment and saves costs. To ensure that the invoicing process runs smoothly, we kindly ask you to provide us with your most recent contact details by e-mail.

On their behalf, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • You are responsible for passing on your correct (e-mail) address in good time. Please inform us of any changes as soon as possible via email!
  • The first invoice of mijnAndersnota.nl may end up in your spam box. Please check there too in the days following your treatment if you have received an invoice from them;
  • We recommend you use the e-mail address service@mijnandersnota.nl to save in your address book. This way you ensure that messages from our factoring partner arrive in your regular inbox;
  • If you do not receive an access code by SMS, it is highly likely that we do not have your most recent mobile phone number or you have a foreign phone number;
  • Are you downloading the invoice from a mobile device? In that case the invoice will appear in your Downloads/Files folder. So go to one of these folders if the invoice does not immediately appear on your screen after downloading. It is also possible that the invoice will appear as a pdf file at the bottom left of your screen;
  • You can easily handle all your billing needs via www.mijnAndersnota.nl. Or send an e-mail to service@mijnandersnota.nl . Prefer personal contact? The service team of mijnAndersnota.nl is happy to help you on working days between 09:00 and 17:00 on 085 7606262.

Website Anders Medical Factoring

On the Anders MF website you can arrange many things quickly and easily. You do not need to take into account the opening hours of the service desk, so you can arrange your business at a time that suits you best.

If you want to make a payment arrangement or check the status of your payment, we recommend that you arrange this directly via the Anders MF website.


Of course you may have to cancel an appointment with your practitioner. We will pay for this cancellation and the associated costs up to 24 hours before the appointment, provided the appointment is no longer than 20 minutes. The costs for an appointment that is not cancelled in time are €7.50 euros per 5 minutes. The email to remind you of the appointment is an extra service, no rights can be derived from this.

Making a payment arrangement
The invoice always states the term of payment. It is possible to request a payment plan for invoices over €25 and less than €1000. This payment arrangement is subject to no costs. You can easily arrange this at Payment arrangement Anders Medical Factoring.

Other questions
If you have a different question, please look first at this page from the Anders MF website. The chances are that you will find the answer to your question there. If not, you are always free to call or email Anders MF.

vinger_rechts Contact details Anders Medical Factoring

Telephone number: 085 760 62 62
E-mail: service@mijnandersnota.nl
Website: www.mijnAndersnota.nl