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Root canal treatments

Pain relief with a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

There is a living nerve in the middle of teeth and molars. This nerve can be damaged by a leaking filling, tooth decay, overload (grinding/clamping) or when the tooth has received a hard blow. Nerve pain often manifests itself in a toothache, for example spontaneous pain or pain when drinking cold or biting. At that time, the nerve is so inflamed that the pain can only be remedied with a root canal treatment. During this treatment, the nerve is removed from the tooth and the empty space that is created is thoroughly cleaned and filled with a special root canal cement. In this way, the source of inflammation is removed and the inflammation is prevented from spreading further.


How is a root canal treatment performed?

This video shows how a root canal treatment works.


What does a root canal treatment cost?

The costs depend on the degree of difficulty of the tooth to be treated and the number of nerve channels. Consult your dentist for a tailor-made budget. To find out whether you are entitled to reimbursement, please contact your health insurance.

Below is an example of costs that can be expected with a root canal treatment for a tooth with 3 canals.

*The costs of the filling or crown that must be made after the treatment are not included in this!

** The prices below are based on the rates from the year 2022. The most recent rates can be found on our website on the page rates and note.

Root canal treatment, 3 canals without filling**

Root canal treatment consultation, extensive E02 ? 46,55
Conduction, infiltration and/or intraligamental anesthesia A10 ? 33.24
Small X-ray X10 ? 74,48
Apply rubber dam E45 ? 26,60
Electronic length determination E85 ? 16,62
Include calcium hydroxide E19 ? 19,95
Root canal treatment 3 channels E16 ? 226,08
Cost of rotating instruments E04 ? 54.31
Total ? 497,83

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Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Treatments

Does the root canal treatment hurt?

Prior to the treatment, we will anesthetize the tooth or molar to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. If we don't do this, it may be that it is sensitive.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

This strongly depends on the difficulty of the treatment. Teeth and molars differ from each other in the number of nerve channels, but also in, for example, the shape, narrowness or curvature. The average treatment time is between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours. The treatment is often divided into 2 sessions. During the first session, the nerve is partially removed so that you get rid of the nerve pain, followed by a subsequent session in which the nerve is completely removed and the empty space is filled.

The dentist says I need a root canal, but I don't have any problems. How is this possible?

If the inflammation of the nerve is advanced, the nerve in a tooth can die. As a result, the feeling of cold and warm disappears and you sometimes do not notice that something is wrong. However, the inflammation may have spread to the root tips of the tooth. If you wait long enough there will still be pain. This source of inflammation can then only be removed by means of a root canal treatment.

There is a pimple filled with pus on my gums, what does this mean?

When a root tip is inflamed, the inflammation seeks the path of least resistance to exit the body, often through the gums. The pimple disappears after the inflammation has been cleared up through root canal treatment.

I had root canal treatment and I am still having pain. What can I do?

It is quite normal that you still have pain after a root canal treatment. You can take paracetamol for this. If the pain still persists after 72 hours, we advise you to contact your dentist.

After the root canal treatment, I was advised to put a crown on the tooth. Is this necessary?

A root canal treatment weakens the tooth or molar enormously, which significantly increases the risk of fracture. Especially in the case of a large filling, it is not unwise to properly wrap the tooth with a crown.


Very glad I switched to this dentist. I have always been afraid of the dentist, but here I am so put at ease and cavities are filled so quickly and well that I sit there with a relaxed feeling. Almost no holes anymore because of all the good advice, so that's great. Recommended!

Salina Mostert
Centrum, Amsterdam


After bad experiences at other practices, glad to have finally found a good one. Perfect in every way. The dentist Ai Lien, dental hygienist Pum and the assistants are very professional and friendly. They are very involved and they always show genuine attention.

Zilan Demir
Zeeburg, Amsterdam


Very nice practice. When you are in pain, they immediately make room for you, and the dentist and dental hygienist are very patient and friendly. They also explain very clearly what they are doing and why, which I always find very pleasant. I'm a pretty anxious patient, but I feel in good hands here!

Oostenburg, Amsterdam