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Pediatric dentistry

Oral care for young and old

Pediatric dentistry

In our practice we provide oral care for young and old. Our dentist and team are very experienced in treating children. By first letting your child get used to it, your child is put at ease and treatment can be done step by step. In this way, your child is prevented from developing dental anxiety, but we can also ensure that dental anxiety is reduced. The treatment plan is always made especially for your child.

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Semi-annual check

For children, just like for adults, it is very important to have a check-up with the dentist once every six months. The milk teeth are very sensitive to cavities. If these are not treated, this can cause pain and loss of baby teeth, but also permanent damage in adult teeth. To prevent this, children often receive a cleaning lesson in addition to the general check-up. Together we can ensure that your child grows up with beautiful and healthy teeth.

If you have specific questions, you can always contact us by phone or fill in the contact form.

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Are you looking for a new dentist in Amsterdam, where you can go for your periodic check-ups and all other regular treatments? Then you have come to the right place at De Amsterdamse Dentists. Make an appointment via our website and come by.

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Good oral hygiene is extremely important. Our dental hygienist in Amsterdam is happy to support you in keeping your teeth healthy, including through preventive treatments (such as removing plaque) and personal, tailor-made advice.

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Children are also very welcome in our dental practice in Amsterdam. Our pediatric dentist teaches your child in a fun, playful way how to keep his teeth healthy and why this is important. Feel free to bring your child to your next appointment!

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Welcome to our dental practice in Amsterdam. We think it is important that you are happy with yourself. This all starts with beautiful and healthy teeth. Our young and enthusiastic team is happy to help you maintain your teeth, so that you can eat, talk and laugh with confidence every day. Everyone is entitled to this and that is why everyone is welcome at De Amsterdamse Tandarts. Are you looking for a dentist in Amsterdam? We still have room for new patients. Feel free to visit our dental practice. We are ready for you and are happy to help you with a beautiful smile.

De Amsterdamse Tandarts specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? We can fix your teeth. This way we can improve the shape, position and color of your teeth, so that you will have beautiful and straight teeth in no time that you can be proud of.

Have you lost a tooth or molar? We can professionally place an implant in your home. We can then attach a crown to this, so that you will have beautiful and full teeth again. A crown replaces both the function and the appearance of your lost tooth. You won't notice any difference with your ?real? tooth or tooth. Have you lost several teeth or molars? Then a bridge can offer the solution. You can also contact us for placing veneers and whitening your teeth, so that your teeth will shine like never before. Make an appointment for a cosmetic/aesthetic treatment at the dentist in Amsterdam.

We not only pay attention to the appearance of your teeth, but also to their functionality. De Amsterdamse Tandarts is happy to help you with a beautiful, but above all sustainable smile, so that you will enjoy it for a lifetime. That sounds good, right? Take it easy Contact contact us to make an appointment or register immediately via the website. We look forward to your visit to our dental practice in Amsterdam.


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Has it really been too long, are you having problems or are you considering a different dentist? Our team is ready to welcome every patient. Feel free to drop by to meet the team and the practice. Of course you can also call us at (020) 625 70 94. Or fill in our registration form digitally.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pediatric Dentistry

From what age can my child come for a dental check-up?

Children of 2 years already have complete milk teeth. We would like to see the children from this age.

At what age will my child switch?

The first transition phase of children begins when they are 6 years old. First they get a new large molar, then the front teeth start to wiggle. However, there are plenty of children who are a little earlier or a little later. If in doubt, you can always ask your dentist.

At what age will my child get braces?

Every child is different. Some children never get braces while other children catch it early. Most children who are eligible for braces start in grade 8 with a visit to the braces dentist. The braces dentist or ?orthodontist? determines when the braces actually start.

Until what age should I help my child brush?

We recommend helping children with brushing until they are 10e year of life. The reason for this is that the motor skills of young children have often not yet developed sufficiently to brush themselves properly. Let them also brush themselves so that they can develop these motor skills.

Do I also have to brush my child with an electric toothbrush?

We recommend brushing children with an electric brush. There are special children's brushes that match the age.

Tip: Turn brushing your teeth into a fun ritual with the free Aquafresh app!

Does it matter which toothpaste my child uses?

Yes! Children should brush with the toothpaste that is appropriate for their age, this has to do with the ingredients in the toothpaste. For example, adult toothpaste contains a higher content of fluoride. If the child swallows too much of this, it can be harmful.

What does a treatment for my child at the dentist cost?

Children are all reimbursed for the treatments by the health insurer. Children under the age of 18 are therefore treated for free.


Very glad I switched to this dentist. I have always been afraid of the dentist, but here I am so put at ease and cavities are filled so quickly and well that I sit there with a relaxed feeling. Almost no holes anymore because of all the good advice, so that's great. Recommended!

Salina Mostert
Amsterdam Center


After bad experiences at other practices, glad to have finally found a good one. Perfect in every way. The dentist Ai Lien, dental hygienist Pum and the assistants are very professional and friendly. They are very involved and they always show genuine attention.

Zilan Demir
Amsterdam East


Very nice practice. When you are in pain, they immediately make room for you, and the dentist and dental hygienist are very patient and friendly. They also explain very clearly what they are doing and why, which I always find very pleasant. I'm a pretty anxious patient, but I feel in good hands here!

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