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Removable dental prosthesis

Removable dentures: operation and types

How do removable dentures work?

A removable dental prosthesis or dentures serves to replace missing teeth. There are different types, namely for single tooth replacement, but also for replacing all teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw. When we talk about single tooth replacement, we call it a partial denture or a partial plate. For example, it can also be reinforced with a metal base and cast anchors and then we call it a frame prosthesis.

Uitneembare gebitsprothese

Making a removable denture: From impression to perfectly fitting denture

The collective name of all these types is a removable prosthesis. After all, you remove the prosthesis because it is not stuck in the mouth. The prosthesis is individually tailored in collaboration with a dental laboratory. To make this as suitable as possible, a number of steps must be taken.

Step 1
The first print. This is made of a rigid material: alginate. This impression contains all the information the dental laboratory needs to map out the dental situation. In the lab, the impressions are poured into plaster models on which an individual impression tray is made.

Step 2
The second print, or the individual print. An impression is now made again using the individual impression tray that the laboratory has made, but this time a precision impression. Much attention is paid to details for your new prosthesis. Namely how far the edges should run and how the muscles move in the mouth.

Step 3
Now the dental technician has enough information to make a test prosthesis. A prosthesis is made in wax based on the current dental situation. Bite plates are also placed in this. You come back to the dentist to register your bite. The bite registration is accurately recorded by heating the wax walls and letting you bite close. During this appointment, the color of the teeth in the new prosthesis will also be examined with you. If you still have teeth, this will be adjusted accordingly, if you have no more teeth, this will be discussed with you.

Step 4
During this step, the new denture with the selected color of teeth is fitted. However, the prosthesis has not yet been pressed, so some changes can still be made. If you and the dentist are satisfied, the prosthesis will be pressed and you can pick it up at the next appointment.

Important: A new prosthesis is not immediately ideal, it is always a matter of getting used to it. Eating will also be a bit more difficult in the beginning. Therefore, start with soft foods first and build up slowly. Large pieces of food are best cut into pieces. You will soon experience what you can and cannot handle with your dentures. After all, it is not stuck like your own teeth. Do not be unexpectedly surprised, because the expectation that the prosthesis gives the same experience as your own teeth is unfortunately not true. Please take this into account when making your decision!

What do dentures cost?

A full set of dentures (upper jaw + lower jaw) is reimbursed once every 5 years from the basic insurance with a minimum deductible of 375 euros. Your own contribution is 25% of the total costs.

Example of calculation of new upper and lower prosthesis
Total costs upper and lower denture = 1100 euros
25% of 1100 euros = 275 euros own amount
Please note: If you have not yet made a claim for your own risk, an additional amount of 375 euros will be added to this, bringing you to a total of 275+375 = 650 euros personal contribution! 

Partial dentures of more than 4 elements**

Description Code Number Cost
Partial dentition P15 1 ? 161.36 euros
Surcharge for individual edge construction P16 1 ? 59.16 euros
Surcharge cast anchor P18 2 ? 32.28 euros
Dental technology costs picture P15* 1 ? 250.00 euros
Total* ? 502.80 euros


Frame prosthesis of more than 4 elements**

Code Description Number Cost
P004 Frame dentures, 5-13 elements 1 ? 345.65
P004 Technique / material costs ? 590.00
Total ? 935.65


* This is only an indication of the costs. Please contact us for a tailor-made budget. 

** The above prices are based on the rates from the year 2023. The most recent rates can be found on our website on the page ?rates and invoice?.

If you have specific questions, you can always contact us by phone or fill in the contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Removable Dentures

How is it possible that the prosthesis remains in the mouth if it is not fixed?

A layer of saliva is placed between the prosthesis and the gums, which sucks the prosthesis firmly into the mouth. Because the prosthesis is custom made, it will follow the contours of your mouth exactly and remain in place.

My new dentures are very tight and hurt, what should I do?

The new dentures are often tight on the gums, which takes some getting used to. Sometimes the teeth are too tight, causing painful spots. We call these spots pressure spots and they can easily be remedied by making a small adjustment to the prosthesis. In this case, contact your dentist so that the denture can be adjusted.

How should I clean my dentures?

Food residues can also remain on your dentures and tartar can form. That is why it is very important that you clean your teeth after every meal. This can be done with a special denture brush and water. Do not use toothpaste for this, because of the abrasive effect.

Do I also have to brush my gums under the dentures?

Yes! This is very important to prevent annoying inflammation here. This can be done with a soft toothbrush and regular toothpaste.

I have dentures, do I also have to come for a six-monthly check-up?

It is highly advisable to come for a check-up with your dentures. The dentist can check the mucous membranes and the gums around the teeth. We also look at wear and tear of the teeth and whether the teeth still fit properly.

In the beginning my dentures were good and now they are loose, how is this possible?

If there are no more teeth in the jawbone, the jawbone on which the dentures rest will shrink. This reduces the fit and the teeth can become loose. In this case you can make an appointment with the dentist so that a new solution can be found.


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After bad experiences at other practices, glad to have finally found a good one. Perfect in every way. The dentist Ai Lien, dental hygienist Pum and the assistants are very professional and friendly. They are very involved and they always show genuine attention.

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Very nice practice. When you are in pain, they immediately make room for you, and the dentist and dental hygienist are very patient and friendly. They also explain very clearly what they are doing and why, which I always find very pleasant. I'm a pretty anxious patient, but I feel in good hands here!

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