In Europe, there have been strict regulations on tooth whitening since 2012. Only the dentist can prescribe bleaching material with a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide. This quantity is safe and effective and is equivalent to the other product 16% carbamide peroxide.
With a lower percentage, the bleaching process takes longer, which is why we have decided to only offer home bleaching. We use the 'Cavex ABC master kit'.
We produce for you two custom-made mouthpieces which you have to wear in your mouth with bleaching gel. The duration of bleaching depends on the result you want to achieve. The dentist will check and advise you before the bleaching sessions. The spoons can be reused, which is useful if you want to bleach the teeth again. The bleaching gel is available in our practice. This is always in consultation with the dentist.

De prijs van op maat gemaakt bleekbitjes en een Cavex bleekset is  €290,-

We also sell gift certificates from €50 for a bleaching treatment. The dentist reserves the right to decide if the person who wants to redeem the gift certificate is suitable for bleaching. The voucher is not exchangeable for cash and is valid for one year from the date of issue. The remaining amount of the treatment can be paid by debit card, cash or with several gift vouchers.

Is bleaching bad for your teeth?
No, fortunately bleaching is completely safe and not harmful due to the strict EU guidelines. You can even bleach for several weeks in a row.
Provided, of course, that you are properly informed and that only hydrogen or carbamide peroxide is used in the correct quantities.
Teeth whitening does not change the structure of your teeth.

Can I order bleaching gel online so that I can do it myself at home? bleaching?
If you order it yourself, it should contain no more than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide. This is far too little to see a bleaching effect. It is also possible that they put in other harmful products. Or other products that do not work. It could also be that it is sold illegally or is not stored properly. Hydrogen peroxide is really the only scientifically proven safe and effective bleaching agent.

How white will my teeth get after whitening?
What is white? White is actually very subjective! The basic colour of your teeth is genetically determined, for example, by the thickness of your enamel (white/transparent) and your dentin (yellowish). The whiter your base colour, the easier it is to bleach.
Dietary habits also play a role. Do you smoke or drink a lot of coffee? Then it will take longer to get whiter teeth.
Wat ook mee speelt is het type kleur, zo zijn tanden met een grijzige ondertoon vaak lastiger te bleken. Juist gelige en bruine tanden veroorzaakt door voeding of tabak kunnen gemakkelijk gebleekt worden. Maar ook je wensen spelen een grote rol; de een wil super wit, de ander wil slechts opfrissen.

How long will my teeth stay white after tooth whitening?
That too depends, among other things, on your lifestyle. If you hardly drink any red wine, coffee or tea, your bleaching result will probably be longer.
Many patients repeat the bleaching after about 6 months or a year, but only for 1 or 2 times.

Does tooth whitening hurt?
In theory, sensitivity can occur. However, this rarely happens with the products we use. The gums may become slightly irritated, but this heals quickly.
We work with the ABC Masterkit from Cavex, because it also contains a product (the conditioner) that ensures that sensitivity is eliminated.

Is tooth whitening suitable for everyone?
Almost everyone who would like to have whiter teeth can undergo this treatment. Do you have a (starting) cavity, fillings, crowns or bridgework? Then we will first have to determine whether these still suffice for safe whitening. Moreover, fillings and crowns do not discolour. It is therefore possible that we have to replace them after the bleaching.

Is there a minimum age limit for teeth whitening?
Yes, the laws and regulations in the Netherlands are (rightly) quite strict. This means that we are only allowed to bleach from the age of 18.

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