Unfortunately, dentist Ai Lien Oei had an accident, which means that she is currently unable work. How long this will take is still unknown, but this can take up to about 6 weeks. Until then, our other dentists will be there for you. These are Ineke Hendrikse, Celine Stoop and Maaike Broekman. All three very engaging and technically good dentists ho will take good care of you. They perform all treatments, except implantology. If you need an implant, you will either have to wait for Ai Lien's return or be referred. It might be nice to know, you don't have to worry Ai Lien. She is doing well under the circumstances.

In addition, an important message for the patients of dentist Ineke Hendrikse. Unfortunately, we have to let you know that our dentist Ineke is leaving us. She will move to The Hague in the summer, making the travel distance too long for her. She will discuss with everyone individually how she can complete treatment plans and will come back if necessary. For now the last day will be on Friday 26 August.

If you would like to make an appointment with your dentist Ineke, we recommend that you schedule this by telephone. Her last official treatment day will be on Friday 5 August.

For the time being, we will take care of Ineke's agenda with the dentists who already work at De Amsterdamse Tandarts; Ai Lien Oei, Celine Stoop and Maaike Broekman. Also three dentists with a lot of patience, attention and pleasure in their profession.

If you have any questions about this, you are always welcome to discuss this.

We wish you a lovely summer and maybe we'll see each other soon.


De Amsterdamse Tandarts