Your First Visit

When you visit our practice for the first time, an intake will take place first. This appointment will last approximately 20 minutes. The dentist will perform a general check-up and take stock of the health of your teeth and gums. We will also ask you to complete a health questionnaire. We will discuss this health questionnaire with you in case of any particularities. This is necessary in these cases in order to ensure patient safety. If necessary, we will make an overview photo of your teeth and two small X-rays. This is in order to accurately determine and monitor the status of your teeth. The codes that we can claim for this are:

C001 € 46,91 Periodic inspection
X 10 € 17,28 Small X-ray
X 10 € 17,28 Small X-ray
X 21 € 74,07 Jaw radiograph
C010 € 23,45 Written medical anamnesis

Please remember to bring the following documents with you on your first visit to the practice:

Valid identification (ID card, passport or driving licence)

Details of your previous dentist, If possible, you can request these from your previous dentist and have them emailed directly to us.