Our dental hygienist is ready to clean your teeth. Sometimes this is necessary because of the presence of tartar. Tartar can cause gum inflammation and, if not removed, can affect the jawbone. If this process has progressed far enough, teeth and molars can become loose. The annoying thing about this process is that it goes unnoticed. So stay ahead of gum problems and combine your check-up appointment with an appointment with our dental hygienist!  

Can I only go to the dental hygienist to have my teeth cleaned?
No, the dental hygienist can also help with painful gums, bleeding gums, red and swollen gums, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth and receding gums. The dental hygienist can also work with you to create a customised plan for keeping the mouth clean.

I have a lot of dark deposits on my teeth, what can I do?
The dental hygienist can polish these dark deposits for you to restore a fresh and radiant smile.

Why should my child visit the dental hygienist?
For children, learning correct brushing behaviour and good oral hygiene is important. This is how cavities and gum disease are prevented. So it is never too early to start. The oral hygienist is specialised in giving brushing instructions and supervising children in this respect.

Is it really necessary to go to the dental hygienist in addition to the dental check-up?
We recommend a visit to the oral hygienist in addition to the dental check-up. Almost everyone suffers from gum inflammation from time to time and you often don't realise it. Good oral hygiene is therefore very important, not only for your teeth but also for your general health.

How much does treatment at the dental hygienist cost?
We always discuss the costs of treatment in advance so that you are not faced with surprises. We try to take your insurance into account as much as possible. It is still wise to ask your health insurance company in advance whether the treatment will be reimbursed or not. In principle, there is no fixed fee for the dental hygienist. For children who go to the dental hygienist, the treatment is fully reimbursed!

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